Bathrobe for Jasmine

I haven’t been very blog active lately, mostly because I have my mum over and I’m trying to spend some time with her. So all the hours on the computer I have spend recently were mostly replying to the emails and doing lots of instructions writing and website re-building etc. But there was never enough time to blog …2013-09-07 21.27.24

My mum is great help when it comes to sewing … she’s happy to help with any small sewing job, so she has fixed several Oli’s trousers and little holes on Jasmine’s T-shirts etc. Which is really great and I’m grateful for it, because mending job is usually the last one on my to-sew list. ( It’s maybe because I read somewhere this lovely sentence: ASKING A QUILTER TO MEND A PAIR OF TROUSERS IS LIKE ASKING PICASSO TO PAINT YOUR BATHROOM!! Isn’t that truth??)

2013-09-08 19.17.34Anyway we also make things together and the latest thing was a bathrobe for Jasmine. I bought the material about a year ago and never found a time to making it. And so my mum got the task to actually make the bathrobe – cut it and sew together and I was the decorator. It worked just perfect!!

2013-09-08 20.15.10

I took some colourful Daisy ribbon and cut the flowers individually, free motioned stitched some leaves and spirals in between, added some on the pockets as well and VOILA !!!

2013-09-08 20.30.01Jasmine is happy and Mummy and Grandma as well!!

Thanks for reading