From fear to joy in Free Motion Quilting 101

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Welcome to the course and thank you so much for signing up. I LOVE free motion quilting and I really hope some of my enthusiasm will rub off you as well for this amazing technique. Firstly I want you to know that this is completely new way of sewing and even if you have been using your sewing machine for many years, this will feel like nothing you have done with it before. But it’s OK, it will just take some practice and getting used to, you will also need some patience and non-judgement as you’re learning new technique. And lastly, drop your expectations – you can only compare yourself to my skills once you have done 10 years of quilting on a daily basis. But what you can expect is to have an understanding of the technique, confidence to quilt a project and start your journey to excellence – how long it’s going to be only depends on how much miles you’re willing to put in. It is a journey and I welcome you on it!!

Below  is the schedule of your lessons. We will have two gap weeks after 3 weeks of lessons, they are placed there so that you can catch up if life gets in a way or take a bit of rest if you are on time. Please take notice of the dates of our Zoom sessions and put them in your diary.  They are not compulsory to attend, but it will give you opportunity to ask any questions and share your experience. 

26th September – Week one – Quilting space

3rd October – Week two – Stitch length

10th October – Week three – Holding the work

17th October – ZOOM Q&A 11 AM London time ( no lesson or homework this week to give you time to catch up)

24th October – Week four – Mindset

31st October – Week five – Drawing the designs

7th November – Week six – Intensity of the quilting

14th November – ZOOM Q&A 6PM London time ( no lesson or homework this week to give you time to catch up)

21st November – Week seven – Thread choices

28th November – Week eight – Final wrap-up

5th December – Final ZOOM Q&A 6 PM London time

First lesson will be released on the 3rd January, but please watch this video where I’m explaining all the tools you might need and how to get yourself ready.

In January you will also be able to join From Fear to Joy in FMQ club – an online safe space where we can all ask questions, share about the progress of your homework and all together feel a bit more connected with other course participants – as much as we can from the comfort of our homes. I’ll be sending details by email about how to join with your first lesson.

Week one – Quilting space Week Two – Stitch length Week three – holding the work Week Four – Mindset Week five – Drawing the design Week Six – Intensity of the quilting Week Seven – Thread Choices Week eight – Final wrap-up