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Silhouettes - online video course - Tree


Silhouettes - online video course - Owl


Silhouettes - online video course - Buddha


Silhouettes - online video course


Welcome to online course Silhouettes – I hope you have chosen your favourite design and are ready to start.

In this online video course, you will learn what to look our for when designing your own silhouette, working with Bondaweb and the many way how you can finish your own work.

Below is the list of the lessons, each step of the construction has it’s own lesson with a video (or several videos) – this way it will be easy for you to follow along – watch, proceed with the step while it’s fresh in your head and easily come back to your next lesson.

Below each lesson you also have the option of asking a questions if you need to. 


Lesson 2 – Pattern

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Vendulka Battais

Let’s have a look at the different patterns I have created and also talk about what to look out for if you want to create your own.

Lesson 3 – Bondaweb

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Vendulka Battais

Bondaweb is essentially glue on the paper – so make sure you know which side has the glue on and use parchment paper to always protect your work and iron.

Lesson 5 – Quilting

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Vendulka Battais

There is so many choices when it comes to finishing your silhouette – keeping the edges raw or satin stitch around? You can choose to quilt with wobbly lines, outlining your design or quilting a quote all over your work – I’ll show you all the options.