Waving table runner

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Welcome to online course Waving table runner – This is very unique table runner which looks much more difficult than it actually is.

In this online video course, you will learn about choosing your colours, creating the strata of fabric strips, cutting it and sewing it again. I will demonstrate how I create the eye pleasing curve of the runner and how to finish it of with a bias cut binding.

Below is the list of the lessons, each step of the construction has it’s own lesson with a video (or several videos) – this way it will be easy for you to follow along – watch, proceed with the step while it’s fresh in your head and easily come back to your next lesson.

If you wish to print a written instructions for a reference as you’re sewing, you can download them here.

1 Fabrics 2 Making the strata Preview 3 Cutting the strata 4 Piecing the strata 5 Quilting 6 Trimming the curve 7 Coaster 8 Binding