Finished and posted!!

Today I could put a huge tick into my to-do list, the two quilts I have been working on in last few weeks (hence no posts recently) are finally finished, packed and probably by now have left the Island!!! Somebody said today, I must feel lost, not knowing what to do, so I just laughed … the next deadline is workshop list and new cushion I’m working on and of course Birmingham’s Festival of Quilt and the Cathedral Window quilt I have to still finish. So no I know very well what to do, but having those quilts send is great achievement and I feel I did a good job on them, now it’s just up to the judges to decide whether I did good enough job to be awarded as well. It’s a dream of every person who is sending something for a competition to win or get any kind of recognition, and I’m no different, but even if they come back home empty handed (as we say in Czech) I love them and I have learned soooo much making them and nobody will ever take that from me.

So here are few packing photos …


sewing a label on …

…rolling the quilts with lots of tissue paper in between ….

…some protective bubble wrap and straight in a box.

I am standing on my tiptoes to be a bit bigger, but actually I was just two or three inches taller 🙂

And here are the beauties …. I will write about them soon in much more detail and tell you all about the process and what I’ve been going through but now you can just enjoy the final picture.

Aztec log cabin 225cm /  89" square
Aztec log cabin 225cm / 89″ square

And a one picture of the back of the quilt … I love the feather work.


And finally the Bargello quilt

Face the Vase
Face the Vase

So I hope you like them, once they are back form the competition, they will hang in the shop for a while if you’d like to see them in real and didn’t make it to the Sandown Show.

Thank you for reading