First Creation in 2014!!

Hello everybody and welcome in 2014!! Let’s hope it’s going to be full of good ideas and finished projects!!

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything, but I guess I had a pretty good reasons for it. Once I stopped working in December, I actually quite enjoyed staying at home, taking things easy and making lots of Christmas presents – which I’m planning to show you in couple of days.

When people were asking me, when do we expect our second child – having the due date 11th January I sometimes joked that it’s on my to-do list first thing next year. But I had no idea how literally it will be … 3:11 AM on the first of January was born our son Balthazar.

We’re very lucky, because he is very good sleeper, like his both parents and his sister!! But still waking up twice in the night and all the breastfeeding during the day is quite tiring and when the evening comes I don’t have the energy to sew and create as I was used to … Start around eight and finish at midnight – three to four undisturbed hours of sewing or creating!! How lovely, I miss that!!!! But I’m sure it will slowly come back. I just want too much too soon as always!! But I’m starting slowly when Balthazar is sleeping during the day and Jasmine is at the nursery so hopefully soon I’ll be able to share more projects with you… For now just enjoy few more pictures of Balthazar 🙂



Thank you for reading