Giveaway winner!!

quilted tree hangignI’m very sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of my giveaway. I have been feeling “pregnant” these last few days. Jasmine has half term holidays, so I was spending days with her, and evenings, I just felt like bed and as I have only less than three month now till my due date, I just jumped into the bed and read or watched something.

Thank you all three ladies for your responses, it was so lovely to read that the most valuable hand made presents are from the loved ones!! Usually made by daughters for their mothers or made by mothers for their daughters. Which is so nice to hear!! And it really means the schools should support any craft in children, but if they don’t than it’s up to us mothers, aunties, grandmothers to give the little ones our time and skills!! And if you’re thinking about making something for your child or grandchild, don’t wait until you perfect the craft – just do it. I think hand made pieces are loved for their imperfection, because that reflects the love we put into them!!

I have written the names of the ladies on the pieces of paper and let Jasmine pick one ( that was the only fair thing I was able to come up with) and she picked Charmian – congratulation!!! So I’ll be contacting you with postal details.

Thank you all for your input and hope it will encourage more of you in the future.

Thank you for reading