Guess what I was doing??

Guess what I was doing all Sunday … here is a picture to hep you guess.IMG_0040

Jasmine spend all day running in and out of house and was very happy playing outside with other kids, I just needed to supply her with drink, fruit and plaster for her knee (bless her, she loves her scooter 🙂 ) But a best place to keep an eye on her is next to the window, where is a sewing machine, and so I was piecing new jelly roll quilt!!! I know it wasn’t even on my list of new classes – but it is now!! Sunday morning (and it was late morning – Thank you Jasmine)  I opened the Jelly roll and this picture was taken about eleven in the evening – I was covered with threads, but the main body was pieced!! Just add borders, piece the back from the other half of the Jelly roll and the quilting can start!! Keep an eye on the September – October workshop list – it will be packed with new projects!!

Thank you for reading