My love for Cathedral Window Quilts

I am addicted to Cathedral window technique … I just love it!!

It all started with my mum, she brought home this little piece, which didn’t have a border and didn’t have a filling in the windows, but we finished it together and it’s still hanging in our house!

first cathedral window

The next project was for Jasmine – she was just born, my mum was still with us in UK, so we were creating and sewing. I bought the yellow fabric with intention of making something for Jasmine. And so with my Mum’s help we made together this cushion and duvet cover to look pretty in a pram, and doesn’t she look great!? Image

(BTW notice the colours – turquoise pram and yellow decoration – doesn’t it remind you our OliVen’s logo?? And I remember insisting on those colours when my sister – graphic designer – was trying to push us into anything else 🙂 )

So once we opened the shop, cushion using this technique had to appear on our workshop list, and ever since I did quite a few of them!!

Cathedral window cushions

After making several cushions I started to be little bit addicted to the technique …so I made a wall hanging … and as a class it’s very popular and I love the look of it.

Wall hangingcroppedCathedral window Christmas tree

One Christmas I was thinking of some interesting project to do for the workshops and so I came up with the Christmas tree, using more elongated shapes to achieve the right shape of the tree. It was a lot of thinking, but I loved the challenge it gave me.

Then I wanted to make something just for the pleasure of making it – no workshop in mind – just enjoying making it. Friend of mine came up with black and gray and pink combination when buying fabrics in our shop and I loved it, so I decided to use it on my next project and it happened to be this wall hanging. It’s still missing quilting in the middle two “circles” but I’m still playing in my mind with the ideas … so we’ll see soon.Wall hanging

The second picture is showing the quilting from the back and YES those are Jasmine’s feet standing on it!!

Back - quilting

The latest finished project aIMG_9112re another cushions, this time I was playing with one unusual shape of the “window” and the different positions. I first made them in greens, but as we were on holidays, Jake, who was very kindly looking after the shop sold them ( I must say with my permission, I just didn’t realize which cushions is he asking about ) So the blue duo fo cushion is on its way to be finished as you can see.


There are actually two more quilts with Cathedral Window technique I’m right now working on, but one is just designed and cut, I barely started to work on in, and the second one, which has much higher priority, will hopefully go to the competition in Birmingham this year and it deserves a post on it’s own!! So look for it!!

Thank you for reading