Mosaic workshop

I have treated myself with a workshop with Vectis Quilters. The special tutor was Barbara Weeks, who makes wonderful felt pieces and also teaches fabric mosaic – and that was the workshop. I always wanted to make a mosaic piece, so when I saw this workshop coming up, I signed up straight away!! And it was such a great day.

We started with a bit of introduction into mosaic making and bonding the fabric and made a fish.

2013-09-13 10.51.11

I also took my mum with me, to have a bit different day from spending it with her granddaughter. She also made a fish and rather than starting another project, she finished the whole scenery.2013-09-13 19.39.06

I wasn’t interested in fish, I was very much keen on doing something nice and big. I had several pictures with me as an inspiration and at the end the one standing out was a picture of a dragonfly. I didn’t really wanted to use the grasses behind and lake underneath, I just wanted to play with crazy mosaic and blending background. But I have kept the moon, to add some interest. As I was talking much more than my mum was, I was only able to finish the moon and the dragonfly …. but the same day in the evening I have already started on the background ….

2013-09-13 19.39.342013-09-14 09.10.14

And the next day I have worked on it while teaching in the shop – It was perfect project to work on while the ladies were busy cutting and sewing. And so tonight I have gone this far!!

2013-09-14 16.25.35

I’m probably half way through , but I’m loving every single tiny piece I glue to the fabric!!! I’m completely hooked. For the next Vectis meeting we should each bring our project to show what we have done with it, I guess there will be no problem in doing so. I can’t wait to have it finished!! Will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading