New projects

I was thinking I could have a couple of days off after all the rush with Open Studio and Festival of Quilts entries was over, but that’s just not me …. I had the time and space on my hands so I started straight away to work on new projects for September and October workshop list.

First thing which is nearly finished is Christmas Advent calendar. I had it in my project book since last Christmas, after one of my customers inspired me. So I started with fabric selection  ….IMG_9775It’s a Christmas tree, so it’s very green, but it came out really nice, I’m very pleased with it. I’ll take it from the shop on the first of December and fill it for Jasmine I think. 🙂

IMG_9879IMG_9880New design of the Reversible Quilt as you go Quilt – easier piecing and very simple quilting – just 1/4″ around the seams. Striking colours and this time I’m going to make it all on the machine, the only hand sewing will be the binding – can’t skip that one. I love hand sewing binding – it’s the best part!!

IMG_9875Next project is Union Jack cushion – Oli has cut all the small squares for me out of our leftovers, which is the idea of it. Vilene is also ready to make my life easier, so that should be done in a day or two 🙂 When I asked him to cut them for me, he couldn’t believe I’m starting on the third project at a time!! I just can’t do one thing, that’s not enough variety!!


And nearly last one at the moment … there is still few dancing in my head … are two Stained Glass wall hangings with Christmas themes. Again I was using Oli, who draw the designs for me onto a paper and once I sort templates for each piece, he will be probably the one cutting them out of fabrics I’ll prepare for him …. he doesn’t know that yet 🙂


But that just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have another long term project – we just got so into creating with Oli this year, we decided to create a baby as well!!! So that’s just in the middle of it all … luckily it doesn’t need too much attention YET … it was hard work one night at the beginning :-))) and now it’s just happily growing inside of me, we are about half way there. As the due date is 9th of January it’s in my to-do list as first thing next year and I promise I’ll take it easy then!! So far all I can show is this lovely picture from the scan and if you see me in the shop there is actually little bump as well.

Already waving to say hi!!
Already waving to say hi!!

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