From Fear to Joy in Free Motion Quilting 102


SELF PACED 8 weeks online course for beginners in Free Motion Quilting.

2024 is the year to get into FMQ – Get rid of your fear – Learn a new skill with award-winning quilter Vendulka Battais




8 Weeks course to help you gain confidence with Free-motion quilting aimed at complete BEGINNERS.

A prerecorded lessons for each week (or as often as you can) containing two videos – one with practical theory and the other one with sewing prompts. Your recommended commitment is 1 hour/week – max half an hour to watch both videos and three times a week 10 minutes practising that week’s quilting exercise/homework. As this course is now self paced, you have access to all lessons straight away but I would recommend sticking to lesson a week schedule. You can watch them  whenever you’d like and as many times as you’d like.

Look at the next tab to see the topics covered in the theory lessons and testimonials from previous students.

The course will be accessible through our website – in My Account section of the top menu.

At the bottom of each class is a tab to ask the tutor any questions.


* I’d like to give you life-time access to this course, but I can’t guarantee that, but I can promise at least 48 months, if I ever decide to take the course down, I will give you the option to download the lessons if you wish to.


Week one - Quilting space Week two - Stitch length Week three - Holding the work Week four - Mindset Week five - Drawing the designs Week six - Intensity of the quilting Week seven - Thread choices Week eight - Final wrap-up  


"Vendulka is very inspiring and positive as well as being realistic." " I loved having the luxury to take it slowly in one's own home and on one's own machine rather than feeling one is has to keep up with others." "Informative, gradual increasing your skills, not trying to be an expert at the beginning. Clearly demonstrated and explained throughout. Inspiring!" "This is a brilliant introduction to Free Motion Quilting, tutor clear, kind and precise."

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