Mask fabric, lining or filter 90cm wide

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Non-woven, medium firm, non-stretchy lining for non surgical masks in white, Air-permeable, fine pored and washable up to 60°C, 90cm wide.

This product is designed specifically of lining masks to allow easy breathing whilst reducing the risk of transmitting harmful particles. Or it is ideal as base material for non medical mouth and nose masks, next to the skin.

Details: Fabric is priced in 1/2 meter units ( 90 x 50cm / 35″ x 20″) Multiple amounts will be send as one piece. 

From Vilene:
FILTRATION CHARACTERISTICS Filtration Efficiency at 1 μm 57% Filtration Efficiency at 3 μm 73% Air Permeability at 100 Pa 1210 l/m-2*s-1 Test run by the Direction General de l’Armement, DGA, France. The tests were carried out accordance with the test protocol described in the DGA document of March 25, 2020.

Fabric is 100% polyester

Price: £3 per 1/2 meter

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