Texture Adventures – online video course with Mary McIntosh



Our online video course is a step-by-step video tutorial for Texture Adventures. Check the preview in the next tab to have an idea of what is waiting for you.

In this course Mary will show you easy to follow project to create texture by using machine embroidery, soldering iron and heat gun (these are optional but recommended). The materials used are cotton fabrics with combination of some sheer fabrics. Adding the hand stitch and beads at the end is like adding a cherry on top of the cake.

The course is divided into 9 lessons  more than an hour in total – each step of the construction has its own video.  You can watch the lessons in one go or come back to each lesson once you’ve executed those steps. This way you can sew along and easily find the next step. The course contains lots of close up videos, explanations and demonstrations.

If you’d like to purchase this class with a KIT click here.

The course has no expiry date and you can come back to it anytime with lifetime access. Once purchased, you can find it in by visiting My Account section of the top menu and clicking on My Courses.


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