Quilt in a day

I just love days like this … this Sunday after breakfast I put Balthazar back to bed, Jasmine saw kids playing outside, so she disappeared with a quilt and some toys to have a picnic  with her friends. Olivier left to enjoy an hour on his bike and I had an empty house. Sun was shining, so I have opened all the windows to not feel guilty for staying inside and started to work on a quilt for granddaughter of our very good neighbor. She is called Isobel and she was born just few days after Balthazar!! 

Animals in the jungle panelI decided to use a nice colourful panel with animals (which is still available in our shop), because I know that Isobel’s parents are not really keen on pink girl and they like bright colours. 

auditioning colours for lettersIt took a little while to find the right colours for the letters, so I placed everything on the floor and was putting the fabrics I’d like to use onto the orange background. That is the best way to find out if all the colours will go together. As I was in the middle of it, Olivier arrived to give me his opinion and decisions were made very quickly then.

Tracing the letters onto bondaweb, ironing it onto the background was nice and quick. Meanwhile Oli prepared picnic for us, and once Balthazar woke up and I fed him, we left for a nice picnic and walk on the beach.



day on the beachWhen we came back, Jasmine and Olivier were resting in front of the nice movie from library and I went back to my sewing machine – zig-zaging around the letters, piecing the blocks and by the time diner was on the table (Yeah I know I’m very lucky Oli is quite happy to do all the cooking) all I have left to do was to sew the border on! Which was done when both kids were in the bed. Oli did offered to go to our shop to pick up backing and wadding, but I thought no, it’s Sunday let’s take it easy and watch a movie. And so we made ourselves nice mug of tea, got something sweet to go with it and had a rest. But you can see on the pictures finished pieced quilt top. 

Isobel's quilt

isobels quilt

(After the movie I still had an hour before the last day feed, so I still manage to do some ironing) I know it sounds like really busy day, which it was, but there was a result at the end of that day – A QUILT, some other days these days are busy as well, but with no results at all – specially the cleaning days because the dishes are there again in the evening and 10 minutes of Jasmine’s playing are like I haven’t tidied at all!!!

Thank you for reading