Quilt for my sister … progress in pictures

We had our first retreat last week and I’ll tell you all about it in a couple of days, but every evening when I came back I was sewing and making progress on my sisters quilt.

IMG_0736We made a good progress on the blocks, actually by now there is only 15 small blocks missing ….

IMG_0719I worked hard on the Mariner’s Compass for the centre of the quilt. First important part was to draw the foundation piecing lines to follow. Well I like math, so that wasn’t so bad. Tracing it onto tear away stabilizer …. and choosing the right fabrics! I needed lighter and darker shade of red, orange and black. Piecing it all together was quite fun, than I proudly took it to show to Olivier …  which always comes with risks … he has very good eye for detail and of course he has spotted straight away what I have done wrong…

IMG_0726Can  you see that the main red cross is actually the one which should be straight, making plus sign not a letter X!!

IMG_0731Some unpicking had to be done! Luckily Oli already knows that if he spots the mistake, he’s going to be the one unpicking it!

IMG_0734And voila, here is corrected Mariner’s Compass, ready to be a centre of a quilt.

But I must say I’m definitely not the only person working on this piece!! Mum is great help – she sits behind the sewing machine and is the master in piecing and Oli is the master of cutting. Most of the fabrics we needed he cut, and later he trimmed the blocks etc. I’m doing whatever needs to be done and also control the quality, 🙂



I didn’t even changed from the clothes I was working in … and than I’m wondering why do I always have threads all over me ….

Today is going to be big assembling, so I’ll be able to show you the finished top soon … hopefully, unless something goes wrong …

Thanks for reading