Quilt for my sister

My sister visited me last year for the first time and finally saw all the quilts I have made in real. Her husband and her loved them and wanted to commission me to make some. I said I would love to make a quilt for her, I don’t want any money, I just want her to help me choose the right colours, design and size. Year went by and only now we were talking on the Skype and settled on all the details. We’re starting on it straight away, because my mum is leaving next week and she loves working with me on the projects and the busy bee – which means I do the thinking and she does the hard work of sewing it together, I iron and prepare more piles to join together. Than there will still be the hard work of quilting it all siting on me … but that’s actually a pleasure for me!

Colours : Red, white and black.
Size: 2m x 2,3m / 80″ x 92″


I have shown her several different designs, some I have made, some I always wanted to make. Some more modern some more traditional. This one I have seen once browsing internet and I have saved it having my sister in mind. So what a surprise she picked it!!

IMG_0689Then I started to work on the actual design fitting the special dimension. My sister’s bed has wooden head board as well as foot board (if it’s called like that) so it will not have space to hang over on the top and bottom , but will be very welcome to do so on the sides. So I was sitting and drawing and colouring …  and drawing out the individual blocks to find the right measurements ….


The top right drawing seamed like the winner ….

So I calculated all the cutting for Olivier and once I got to the border, I realized I must have convert the inches wrong and this way it would be at least half a meter shorter on each side!!! So let’s start all over again!!

IMG_0693This design was just too much of the block. I didn’t really like it repeated so many times …. But I couldn’t sleep not having it solved! So actually in the bed while watching another episode of House (for the 3rd or 4th time so I could actually really just listen 🙂 ) I have designed and coloured the final version!


Olivier started cutting while being in the shop and my mum is happily sewing while I’m telling both what to do and blogging all about it!!


These are the fabrics I’m going to use.

I’ll keep you posted with the progress …

Thanks for reading