Sandown quilt show and my Awards

It has been long and very nice day at Sandown quilt show. I’ll show you the winners and my favourite quilts in a day or two, as it’s quite late now, but because I have teased you about my own quilts, I will be a bit selfish and talk only about my quilts today.

I didn’t ended up first, neither second and neither third … but judges saw my efforts and acknowledged my Aztec log cabin with Award for Traditional Patchwork!




AND!!!  I couldn’t believe it either, but the Face the Vase – Bargello quilt got Award for Piecing! All those hours of piecing those 3/4″ strips (1/4″ finished width) curve in the border and inserting of a piping – it all was worth it!!


I’m very proud of both of the Awards and very grateful for them – maybe more about the Piecing one, as it was a lot of hard work to make it all straight and then flat as well! But I’m very glad about the Traditional Patchwork Award as well – even though my first thought was: I would like to be an Art Quilter one day! why am I starting with Traditional prize?? But I didn’t make art quilt for our bed, it’s very traditional block and it deserves it … but I’d like to move into more “arty-farty” waters with my future attempts. Let’s see what the future brings!!

Thank you for reading