Sister’s quilt … piecing finished

Yes, it’s true, the piecing is finished on the quilt for my sister … it’s been busy evenings, as that is more or less the only time I have to work on it, but my mum did helped a lot as well.

There was a bit of decision making in the process about the order of strips in the border … white, orange, red? or white, red, orange? or orange, red and white??

But as you can bit further I think we did the right choice. I must say I like it a lot. Colours might not be my style, but they still go together very nicely and I know my sister will love it!! So that’s the important thing! Now I just need to resist the temptation to show it to her, I actually want to quilt it and send it to her in time for Christmas and make her big surprise!!



I’m going to piece the backing from the floral fabrics and start quilting some time soon …. keep you posted.

Thanks for reading