Victorian Garden in Moonlight

I know I said I’ll write about the new quilts I have just finished and send to the competition (which is this weekend!! so exiting!) but I’m again busy working on a quilt which is going to Birmingham’s Festival of quilts, so instead of keeping quiet, I just wanted to show you bit of a progress … it’s nearly pieced, just one side is missing, but I have a Friday off, so I’ll get on with it.


This is how it looked last week, the fabrics in the windows are just sitting on the quilt for me to see if I choose the right colours etc. I’m sewing on the windows every day, aim is at least 15 a day, but I have achieved it only once … but every window counts so I just keep on sewing … sewing … sewing.


And this is how it looked last night. The change in the quilt is so encouraging, once you close those windows, it’s just transforming it and I can see the transformation more and more. Can’t wait to see it finished, and then starts the dilemma about the quilting, I think I had enough feathers for a little while, so I’ll be searching for new designs. That will be fun!

Because I had to send the entry form to the show, I had to find a name for the quilt – I can’t tell you what was my “working title” that’s too embarrassing 🙂  but Oli was suggesting Victorian garden, I had in my mind Moonlit garden. At the end I went for the Moonlit garden, but in the future I might call it Victorian garden in Moonlight. Mostly because every time Oli looks at the quilt he lets out comment about the quilt looking like Victorian garden or so …. The longer name will keep both of us happy!!!

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted